Paladins gets its first new character, Evie, and she comes with her own ride

Paladins new character

Paladins, Hi-Rez Studios’ interesting mash of first-person competitive shenanigans and deck building, hit closed beta recently, and now the game’s receiving its first new character in the form of Evie, a “spunky winter witch”.

Evie’s all about hit and run tactics, or hit and jump on your weird broomstick (it’s a staff, really) and fly away tactics, employing misdirection and illusions to keep her enemies baffled. She can make an illusory clone of herself, teleport and, of course, fly.

Today’s patch also introduces some changes and tweaks, including harsher punishments for abandoning games and being AFK. Check out the patch details in the video below.

Paladins will launch next year and will be free-to-play.