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When is Palworld coming out? PC release times

Here's exactly when Palworld is coming out in your region this week, as the 'Pokemon with guns' are also coming to Xbox and PC Game Pass.

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When is Palworld coming out? On top of the imminent date, the developer of the ‘Pokemon with guns’ game, Pocketpair, has now given us exact release times for every region, alongside a comprehensive FAQ detailing just what you can expect with the Game Pass and Steam Early Access launch.

Palworld is out real soon, and the incredibly unique open-world game promises to bring something I think we can all say we’ve never seen before. Launch won’t be the end of the road for Palworld though, as the early access period will see a year one roadmap drop soon after release.

There’ll be new Pals, a player vs player launch once the team figures out the “right type of PvP that fits Palworld,” crossplay support, and a server/save transfer method for playing with friends in co-op.

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Palworld release time

The Palworld release time is set for midnight PST / 3am EST / 8am GMT / 7pm AEDT on Friday, January 19. This time will be the same for the Xbox and PC releases on Game Pass if you’re a subscriber.

If you’ve been asking yourself, ‘Is Palworld a The Day Before type scam?,’ though, then the team actually has an answer for you.

“It is not a scam and will definitely be released on January 19. Palworld is a typical Steam game, you buy it once and it is yours forever. While we may consider expansions after the full release, that is a conversation we will all have together, as a community, when the time comes!”

If you just can’t wait we’ve got everything you need to know about the best Palworld starter, alongside the Palworld system requirements and exactly what they mean for your rig.

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