Palworld system requirements

The Palworld minimum system requirements don't ask a lot from your gaming PC, meaning most systems should be able to jump into the Pokémon-like open world game.

Palworld system requirements: A person with a gun, on top of a yellow monster with a heavy machine gun pointing towards the right.

What are the Palworld system requirements? Palworld looks to be the closest thing to a Pokémon PC game that we’ll ever see. Thankfully, it doesn’t ask a lot from your rig, meaning everyone can find themselves a new deadly but cute pal.

You don’t need the best graphics card to meet the Palworld minimum requirements, far from it. Developer Pocketpair says that you’ll only need a GPU as powerful as the practically ancient Nvidia GTX 770, meaning any modern AMD pixel pusher should do just fine too.

Here are the Palworld system requirements:

Minimum Recommended
OS Windows 10 64-bit TBC
CPU Intel Core i5 3570 TBC
GPU Nvidia GeForce GTX 770 TBC
Storage 15GB TBC

Unfortunately, there aren’t any Palworld recommended specs to speak of right now. However, this could be subject to change as we get closer to its early access release date.

As you might expect, Palworld size requirements are nothing to worry about, as its footprint is as small as a lot of the game’s cuddly Pal monsters, taking up only 15GB. All the same, we’d advise running it on the best SSD you have for the most optimal experience.

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