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How to recover SAN in Palworld

If you were a Pal that had to battle and build in Palworld, you’d lose sanity too. This guide details how to keep your Pals' SAN restored.

happy sleeping and eating fox like creatures in palworld

What is SAN in Palworld? Short for sanity, SAN is used to gauge the stress levels of your Pals. The easiest way to see a Pal’s SAN level is to open up the Pal management menu at a Palbox in one of your bases; it will be listed on their stats screen. The lower their SAN, the less likely they are to work and be productive in your bases. If it reaches zero, they will become incapacitated, completely ruining your well-oiled Pal machine as another friend will stop working to rescue them. SAN will also decrease as your Pals work in your bases and explore the world with you, battling along the way. Thankfully, there’s several ways to keep your Pals’ SAN in tip-top shape.

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selecting a hot spring in a palworld building menu

How to recover SAN in Palworld

To restore Pal SAN in Palworld you should:

  • Make sure Pals have a bed to sleep on.
  • Keep Pals well fed.
  • Give Pals a break from battling.
  • Build a hot spring for Pals to use.

First and foremost, make sure each of the Pals in your base have a bed to sleep on; one of the first technology tree unlocks you’ll get is a straw Pal bed. A sleepless Pal is a stressed Pal. If a Pal for some reason can’t reach their bed, don’t be afraid to pick them up and throw them in that direction.

Second, you’ll want to keep them fed. Build a feeding box – preferably near where they sleep – and whenever you put food inside they’ll come waddling over to eat. By making food like Chikipi skewers (don’t think too much about Chikpi eating them) at a campfire, their SAN will restore faster than with plain berries foraged in the wild.

Third, Pals will accumulate stress while battling out in the world against other Pals, particularly stronger enemies. Let them rest up at base by opening the Palbox and adding them to the roster at your base.

Finally, the most straightforward way is to build a hot spring for their use. The hot spring is unlocked with Palworld technology points at level 9. To raise your technology level, keep capturing and battling Pals while building up your base.

And that’s all there is to it to keep your little critter army somewhat sane as you use them to manufacture guns and fight increasingly more difficult monsters. For more games like Palworld, check out our guide on the best crafting games of 2024. We also have a comprehensive list of the best Pokemon-like games on PC that aren’t Palworld.