The Papers, Please movie trailer looks like a perfect adaptation

papers please movie trailer

Papers, Please is one of the most aesthetically and thematically striking games in recent memory, even if it is ‘just’ a small-scale, pixel art indie title. Its Eastern European setting seemed ripe for further exploration, and the announcement of a short film based on the game made a surprising amount of sense.

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Now there’s a trailer for that film, and it seems like a positively perfect adaptation. It’s got everything, from the subtly bleak tone and array of moral quandaries to that lovely Arstotzkan propaganda. It’s even got a title line, so you know it’ll be terrific.

The film was written by the husband and wife team of Nikita and Liliya Ordynskiy, and you’ll surely be happy to know they’ve promised the game’s excellent original theme will be part of the soundtrack.

No word on a release date yet, but the trailer certainly suggests the film is pretty far along.