Paradox’s next grand strategy game is “not Victoria 3”

Two weeks 'til we know for sure

PDXCON 2019 begins on October 18, and we will see the next game from Paradox Development Studio there. The internal studio has been responsible for the grand strategy games Paradox is best known for, and this new title will follow suit – but it is not the title many fans have been asking for over the past few years.

Paradox’s main announcement show will take place the morning of Saturday, October 19, and a slot for a “new title from PDS” is already in place just afterwards. Paradox confirmed (again) that it’ll be a new grand strategy game on Twitter, with a handful of additional details. Most pertinently: “it’s not Victoria 3.” Given how heavily fans have been asking for that particular title, it’s little wonder that Paradox would give that part away early.

The only other clue we’ve got is a video message from producer Linda Tiger, who’s standing in front of a suit of medieval armour with an upsettingly large sword in hand. That seems like a pretty strong hint toward a Crusader Kings follow-up, but we’ll know for sure in a couple of weeks.

See if you can figure out any other secrets in the video below.

There are a few other secret titles on the agenda, including one on the main stage following the new grand strategy game – so expect one more big title to be announced that weekend.

PDS’s next big game will face extra scrutiny after fans’ muted response to its last title – though Imperator: Rome sales didn’t seem too badly affected by the criticism.