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Countess assassinates her way into Paragon

Paragon Countess

Epic’s free-to-play MOBA just got another hero added to its ranks with the Countess, a burst caster built for cloak and dagger assassination techniques. 

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Countess looks like great fun to play, using trickster tactics to phase in and out of range with a teleport, controlling the battlefield and dealing damage when it’s most effective. Check her out in the trailer above.

If you’re wondering what all those flashy moves are, here you go:

  • Blade Siphon – Countess quickly spins her blades around her, causing damage in a circle around her. Passive: Countess regains a percent of her max health every time she kills an enemy, with bonus health for a Hero kill.
  • Shadow Slip – Countess targets a nearby enemy and blinks to it, dealing damage and applying a slow. If the target is a minion, it is executed. Reactivate to return to the original position.
  • Dark Tide – Countess sends out a roiling cloud of darkness in front of her, dealing damage to all enemies in the area of effect.
  • Feast – Countess jumps to a nearby enemy Hero, forcing them to look at her and stunning them before dealing a massive burst of damage. Countess is locked down for the duration of the attack.

You can play as Countess for free from October 25.

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