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Paragon enters free open beta, promises a new Hero every three weeks

Paragon Map Jungle

Epic Games’ upcoming third-person MOBA, Paragon, is now in open beta, which means you can play the PC and PlayStation 4 crossplay title now. Apart from being by far the most beautiful MOBA ever made, Paragon also offers its own twist on the popular formula of big things hitting other things with its third-person shooter perspective.

Will Paragon one of the best PC multiplayer games when it comes out? Only time will tell.

Paragon has been playable for anyone who supported its developers by purchasing a Founder’s Pack when the game entered early access in March, 2016. This is the first time the MOBA will be available to such a wide audience.

Alongside the move to open beta, Epic have announced that they will be releasing a new Hero for the game every three weeks, with no cap on when the roster will be complete or at what number they’ll slow production. Currently, there are 20 heroes in the game spread across six classes. Every new hero in the game will be launched free of charge, and Epic have insisted that players will not have to spend any money to be competitive in Paragon. There’s also a shiny new trailer for the open beta launch that you can watch below.

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As expected, it’s a cavalcade of weird creatures duking it out forever - what’s not to love? Head here to enter the open beta.

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nu1mlock avatar
nu1mlock Avatar
1 Year ago

I played the game with a friend a few weeks ago and didn't really like it. It felt very unintuitive, the explanation of their limited "new features" compared to any other MOBA were poorly explained and the UI is clearly made for consoles with its super-big icons, no way to sort the cards you bring to a match, UI elements being cut off (didn't say how much an ability cost, due to its window being too small and text too big).

Granted, those things can surely be fixed in patches, and I hope they do. But the game itself didn't really feel like it had anything new or fun to bring to the table.

A game cannot thrive on graphics alone (because it is beautiful). Although the AA (which sure looks like FXAA but developers say it's TAA) makes it look like shit and is extremely blurry, and disabling it also looks like shit and jaggie on the character models at both 1080p and 1440p.

And don't even get me started on an UE4 game with extremely limited graphics options and no way to disable motion blur without disabling all post processing.