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Paragon gameplay trailer welcomes four new heroes into the fold

Paragon trailer

Paragon began life in my eyes as a game that seemed awful similar to a number of other games. Each new slice of in-game footage that emerges, however, raises my eyebrows that little touch higher than before. Today, Epic Games dropped a new trailer for their third-person shooter MOBA that introduces four new characters and their abilities. 

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It took long enough to get anything in the way of actual gameplay footage from Paragon – Epic even somehow managed to grab the last slot of last year’s PlayStation Experience and still failed to show off game time. They showed an announcement cinematic, even though they had a stream up their sleeves, ready to go, that boasted alpha footage and was pretty good.

An interesting tutorial trailer accompanied the launch of its alpha last month, however this latest trailer is most wholesome of the lot. Within, you’ll see new heroes Gadget – a techno buff who fights enemies with robots – and Feng Mao – who manipulates the world around him with a magical scythe – go up against Rampage – a huge boulder-launching beast who’s got an air of Evolve-ness about it.

We’re also treated to a glance at Kallari – a stealthy, and at times invisible, assassin who scoots around the map before unleashing some flashy neon-trailing dual-wielding knives. Look, see:

Paragon is due to enter Early Access with spring, with the launch of its open beta to follow in the summer. Sign up on the game’s official site if you so wish.