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Channel the light and the dark with Serath, the latest hero for MOBA Paragon

Serath Paragon

Looking like something off a Nightwish gig shirt, Epic Games have announced their first new hero of 2017 for Paragon, the corrupted angel Serath. Acting as the first melee carry for the MOBA, Serath is great at closing gaps to chase down her opponents to strike down upon them with great vengeance and furious anger.

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Her right mouse click applies a slow to the target enemy, with it cleaving the armour of any nearby enemies, while her Q has Serath hovering in place before slashing at everyone in the target area with ghostly slashes. While in this hover state, Serath is immune to all crowd control and damage, making it the perfect way to escape an opponent’s burst damage.

Her E sees Serath flying up into the air before slamming down to deal damage to enemies caught in the shockwave. All these moves are suitably angelic until Serath uses her R, which has her transform into devil mode, causing all of her attacks to deal a burning effect and her abilities to apply a weakness aura on affected enemies.

It’s all very ‘90s, perfectly capturing the cheesiness of metal album covers and the edginess of that goth phase you had as teenager. Serath joins the Paragon roster on January 10. Like all other heroes in Paragon, she is free to play with new heroes being added every three weeks.