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Paragon’s latest hero is a k-pop superstar with her own self-sung theme tune, Shinbi

Shibi Paragon

The rather-serious Paragon has been lightening up, and that is no more obvious than with latest hero reveal, Shinbi. A pop star who can summon wolves for hastily ignored reasons, she’s good at dealing damage, isolating targets and killing people, as all musicians have to be. She also has her own theme tune, which you can listen to along with its music video above.

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If you survived that, there’s a second video that actually details her abilities, role and how you should be playing her effectively.

And a run down of her abilities:

  • Rushing Beat – A dash that can be reactivated once for a second move, dealing damage to anything hit.
  • Line Tempo – Summons one of those pesky wolves. They explode, obv.
  • Circle Rhythm – Summons four wolves, that sadly don’t explode but do damage and heal anything in a circle around Shinbi.
  • All-Kill! – Causes her other abilities to build wolf stacks, can be activated to pop those with loads of wolves. Wolves!

Ignoring the StarCraft-inspired ultimate name, she’s only a little reminiscent of certain characters from other games, and certainly plays completely differently. She’ll be available on Tuesday next week.