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Overcooked meets Sea of Thieves in this couch co-op pirate game

Every ship needs a captain, but what happens if there are four of them? Find out with Party Pirates, an upcoming couch co-op pirate game.

A cartoon pirate leaping off an exploding ship deck, slashing his sword at two soldiers.

Ready for some mayhem on the high seas? Upcoming couch co-op game Party Pirates blends Overcooked and Sea of Thieves and it could be more chaotic than either of those games. Let’s face it, having four captains is just asking for trouble.

Ever played a pirate game or other co-op game and argued over who’s in charge? Party Pirates does away with that argument by making everyone a captain.

I’m kidding, of course, but this co-op mash-up of Sea of Thieves and Overcooked does look to be the right kind of chaos, the kind where everyone’s laughing themselves silly. And the fact that it’s couch co-op does at least mean you can give someone a poke if they’re not pulling their weight.

Party Pirate supports up to four players and tasks you with surviving on the high seas, by working together. “Only teamwork will keep your ship afloat,” explains Polish developer Simplicity Games.

And if players don’t work together it probably won’t end well for anyone, as the upbeat, cartoony trailer demonstrates. It makes the game look like a blast but it also highlights an example or two of non-cooperation.

YouTube Thumbnail

What do you do if your fellow pirate is weighed down with a treasure chest, pursued by soldiers? Stick around? Fight off the soldiers? The trailer’s pirates just make a break for it, dashing onto the ship as their comrade lags behind. Hopefully your fellow pirates will be a little more together than that.

You can also play the game solo and puzzle elements will figure into the final game. But Party Pirates has the vibe of a game that’s best played with friends, possibly with a mug of grog or two.

The game’s release date has yet to be announced but you can wishlist Party Pirates on Steam. If you prefer to go head to head, here are the best multiplayer games. Or if you’re eyeing Rare’s pirate game, here’s how the Sea of Thieves battle pass works.

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