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Path of Exile Mystery Box arrives with new tattoos in patch 3.22.1

Path of Exile patch 3.22.1 is here, with the Mystery Box joining improvements to the Trial of the Ancestors mode, a forfeit option, and new tattoos and recipes.

Path of Exile 3.22.1 patch notes and Mystery Box item drop rates - The new Demongraft arms flex on a player's back.

Path of Exile patch 3.22.1 has arrived, with hotfixes to improve the behavior of your AI companions in its new Trial of the Ancestors mode, the addition of the Path of Exile Mystery Box for update 3.22, and some new tattoos and recipes for the RPG game. Whether you’re a seasoned PoE veteran or making your first journey through Wraeclast after trying games such as Diablo 4, you’ll want to catch up on what’s arriving with this latest update below.

As the Path of Exile Trial of the Ancestors league enters its third week, developer Grinding Gear Games releases a hotfix that improves the behavior of warriors in its autobattler mode while they’re attacking and flanking. This should mean they’ll better target enemy units when no totems are targetable. You’ll have to create new instances of the Halls of the Dead for this to apply – this can be forced using Ctrl + click on the world map pin if you need to.

A longer set of Path of Exile 3.22.1 patch notes is arriving too, which includes six new tattoos with some rather powerful effects. The Journey tattoos already have me contemplating my builds, allowing you to replace those +30 stat boost notable passive nodes with a stacking effect that adds 30 to your maximum life, energy shield, or mana per allocated Journey tattoo of that type. If you’re able to stick enough of them in, that could be a really powerful effect.

By far the most exciting addition, however, is the Journey Tattoo of Makanui, which replaces a Keystone passive slot with a randomly chosen Keystone. Given how powerful these build-defining abilities are, to the point where you’ll travel lengths across the board for one you want while those you don’t are often actively detrimental to your build, I’m curious to see players experimenting with this. Imagine hoping for Blood Magic and instead getting the Ancestral Bond keystone, which prevents your character’s damage altogether in favor of totems.

Also now available in-game is the Path of Exile Mystery Box for the Ancestors league, which will grant you one of 20 different cosmetic microtransactions (with some additional bonus variations up for grabs). You’ll never get duplicates from opening these, and chances for each increase proportionally as you continue to open more. For full drop rates, you can check the list below.

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Path of Exile 3.22.1 patch notes

Here are the Path of Exile patch notes for the 3.22.1 update:

Trial of the Ancestors

  • Added a forfeit match button that can be used when your Ancestral Totem has been banished in stalemate situations.
  • Added an indicator above player characters that displays your revive progress when you have been killed in a match.
  • Added 6 new Tattoos that can be obtained in the Trial of the Ancestors.
    • Journey Tattoo of the Mind: +30 to maximum mana per allocated Journey Tattoo of the Mind – replaces a ‘+30 to dexterity’ notable passive skill.
    • Journey Tattoo of the Soul: +30 to maximum energy shield per allocated Journey Tattoo of the Soul – replaces a ‘+30 to intelligence’ notable passive skill.
    • Journey Tattoo of the Body: +30 to maximum life per allocated Journey Tattoo of the Body – replaces a ‘+30 to strength’ notable passive skill.
    • Honored Tattoo of the Makanga: +2% to all maximum resistances – replaces a small attribute passive skill, requires eight adjacent passive skills allocated.
    • Ancestral Tattoo of Bloodlines: 2% increased recovery rate of life, mana, and energy shield per tribe for which you have an allocated tattoo – replaces a small attribute passive skill, limited to one Ancestral Tattoo.
    • Journey Tattoo of the Makanui: Grants a random Keystone – replaces a Keystone passive skill, limited to one Keystone Tattoo.
  • Added 2 new Field Items.
  • Added a vendor recipe that can be used to trade three Tattoos from a tribe for a random single Tattoo of that same tribe.
  • Added an indicator that displays which of your Warriors were placed in your previous match when viewing Favours.
  • Purchasing a Warrior or Equipment item from a Chieftain or Navali now causes them to offer a different Warrior or Equipment item for purchase respectively after your next match.
  • Tribe Chieftains now converse between matches in The Halls of the Dead.
  • Ancestral Totems are now visually repaired if they are healed.
  • Some Warriors had both high Life and Energy Shield, making them much tankier than similar Warriors. We’ve lowered the Life of the following Warriors: Death’s Guide, Jadecrafter, Moon Dancer, Mystic Prophet, Storm Conduit, Sunset Sage, Tawhoa Shaman, and Tidecaller.
  • We’ve also lowered the Favour Cost of the following Warriors, as their value didn’t compare to other Warriors of similar Favour Costs: Bloodbound Warrior, Camouflaged Tuatara, Frenzymonger, Lunar Turtle, Moon Dancer, Riptide and Tidecaller.
  • The Spear Dancer has had their damage lowered by roughly 30%, and the range of which they can use their Engage Skill has been lowered by roughly 33%.
  • Riptide’s Hook Toss Skill now deals damage when pulling an enemy, and interrupts them.
  • Jadecrafter’s Encase in Jade Skill now interrupts targets.

Path of Exile Mystery Box - two large arms stretch out from a player's shoulders.

  • Updated the information text on the match planning screen to clarify Warriors are interrupted and unable to take any actions for a duration when they take 5% of their combined Life and Energy Shield as damage while Banishing an Ancestral Totem.
  • The Titanic Shell Warrior has had its Life lowered by roughly 20%, and now takes more damage while it is protecting totems.
  • The Titanic Shell Warrior also now respawns 50% slower.
  • Updated the Titanic Shell Warrior’s Totemic Protection Skill description to clarify it is applied to multiple totems.
  • Utula’s Fireball skill now deals roughly twice as much damage at level 83 in the Trial of the Ancestors.
  • Rakiata’s Geyser skill now scales with level, and their Sweep skill has had its damage increased. The damage of their Leap Slam skill has also had its damage increased at level 83.
  • Kaom’s Slam and Fire Fists skills have had their damage increased, the final Fire Fist now deals roughly two and a half times more damage. Kaom also now deals more damage in their Axe Stance.
  • Improved the behavior of Chieftains when a player isn’t in range of them, they are now mean killing machines.
  • The Lacerate, Rock Throw, and Vine Cascade Skills used by Maata and Akoya now track the target during their use.
  • Ancestral Totems that have been empowered by the Mystic Prophet’s Totemic Fortification Skill now have an effect applied to them to display this.
  • Updated the visual effects of the Mystic Prophet’s Prophetic Return Skill to make them more noticeable.
  • Self-inflicted damage no longer triggers the Death Draw debuff while banishing Ancestral Totems.
  • Lowered the price of many Field Items.
  • Increased the effect duration of the Nightcloak, Stampede and Volcanic Idol Field Items.
  • Increased the effect radius of the Invulnerability, Jadecrafter and Tribal Reconstruction Idol Field Items.
  • Walls constructed by the Great Barrier Idol now last 30 seconds instead of 10. These walls can also no longer be knocked back.
  • The Stampede Idol now summons 10 stampedes of spiritual boars, instead of 3.
  • Updated the descriptions on some Warrior Skills, such as the Hinekora’s Horn Spiritual Capture skill, to clarify their effects.
  • Pressing Ctrl + Click on any of the Chieftains or Navali in The Halls of the Dead now brings up their Favours window even if they have new dialogue available for you.
  • The number of skills used by Minions summoned through Loyalty Tattoos modifiers has been reduced. These Minions are primarily used for their buffing abilities and their other skills had a lot of visual impact without dealing much damage.
  • Updated the icon art for many Tattoo-replaced Passive Skills to be more appropriate.
  • The Rakiata’s Dance Unique Sword 3D art now matches the one held by Rakiata themself.
  • Loyalty Tattoos that take effect while a Unique Enemy is in your Presence now have their range displayed in the Character Panel.
  • Fixed a bug where Maata’s Vine Cascade Skill was dealing less damage than intended.
  • Fixed a bug where the Bloodbound Warrior would use their teleport skill when near their Ancestral Totem.
  • Fixed a bug where being revived by the Death’s Guide Warrior in a Trial of the Ancestors Match was not reactivating your Auras or respawning your Animated Guardian.
  • Fixed a bug where clones of the Camouflaged Tuatara Warrior would remain after their Ancestral Totem had been banished.
  • Fixed a bug where the Lunar Turtle’s Cold Breath Skill was visually smaller than the actual size of the damaging area.
  • Fixed a bug where Warrior names were removed from Ancestral Totem nameplates when the Warrior died.
  • Fixed a bug where Hinekora’s Lock could be applied to items that can’t be modified, such as Unique Fragments.
  • Fixed an issue where the duration of the effect of the Lani Hua’s Gift Idol was less than described.
  • Fixed an issue where the radius of the Freezing Wave Idol was less than described.
  • Fixed an issue where the description for the Jade Shaman’s Buried in Jade skill had a lower duration than the actual duration of the effect.
  • Fixed a bug where some Field Items used by Chieftains, such as the Stampede Idol, were being triggered when an enemy was behind them, instead of in front of them.
  • Fixed a bug where Chieftain’s Field Items were being activated prior to a match starting.
  • Fixed an issue where the duration mentioned on the descriptions on the Tawhoa’s Blessing and Jadecrafter Idol Field Items were lower than the actual duration of the effects.
  • Fixed an issue where the radius mentioned in the description of the Nightcloak Idol was lower than the actual radius.
  • Fixed a rare bug where the Frenzymonger Warrior could drop items on death.
  • Fixed a bug where players could die at the end of a match if they were linked to Minions with a duration, such as Skeletons.
  • Fixed an issue where lights in the Eye of Destiny could flicker when placing Warriors.
  • Fixed a bug where the first Trial of the Ancestors match could not be started if you only had Field Items placed and no Warriors.

Path of Exile Mystery Box - the new Harbinger Portal effect.


  • Loading screens no longer wait to finish loading the visual effects of other characters before you load into the area.
  • Improved loading screen duration in many situations.
  • The Exploding Orbs Monster modifier now spawns a single Exploding Orb, which emerges from behind the Rare Monster with the modifier. The audio for the Exploding Orb has also been changed to be better telegraphed.
  • Weapon Range displayed on Melee Weapons and other descriptions that use ranges with values now instead use meters. The reminder text for “Close Range” and the description of Presence range in the Character panel also now use meters.
  • In the 3.22.0 patch, a change was made that caused Mirage Archer to no longer be able to use Skills triggered by Manaforged Arrows Support. We have restored this behavior, and Mirage Archer now states that it can use Triggered Attacks as though they were not Triggered.
  • Auras supported by Guardian’s Blessing Support now persist after changing area.
  • Updated the description of the Destructive Play Atlas Keystone Passive Skill to clarify Maven needs to be able to cast a skill in order to summon the additional bosses. Killing the boss prior to Maven casting Up the Stakes will result in Maven leaving without doing so.
  • Updated the Relentless Rituals challenge to require defeating Rare or Unique Monsters in Rituals, instead of just Unique.
  • All Beachhead Harbinger Bosses can now grant credit towards the “Defeat Harbinger Bosses” portion of the Harrowing Harbingers Challenge.
  • Added text to the Summon Raging Spirit Skill description to clarify that the Minions convert all physical damage to fire.
  • You can now sell items to Divinia at the entrance of The Forbidden Sanctum.
  • Allocated Crucible Passives on items are now considered when filtering by stats on the trade website.
  • Improved the audio of the Heralding Minions and Toxic Monster modifiers.
  • Improved the visibility of Lycia, Herald of the Scourge’s Tornado Beam skill.

Ruthless mode

  • The Vaal Orb vendor recipe has been re-enabled in Ruthless.
  • Fixed a bug where “Nearby Enemies are Blinded” from Saboteur’s Born in the Shadows Ascendancy Passive was not working in Ruthless.

Controller-specific changes

  • Improved the UI when placing Warriors and viewing Favours in The Halls of the Dead while using Controller Input mode.
  • Fixed a bug where Jewel Sockets on the Passive Skill Tree could not be navigated properly when using Controller Input mode.
  • Fixed a bug where items would be dropped on the floor when attempting to move them to your stash in The Halls of the Dead or The Forbidden Sanctum when using Controller Input mode.
  • Fixed a bug where currency items could not be used on non-corrupted Vaal Side Areas in Controller Input mode.
  • Fixed a bug where Stash Tab Folders could not be created in Controller Input mode.

Additional bug fixes and further comments can be found via the Path of Exile website, courtesy of Grinding Gear Games.

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Path of Exile Ancestor Mystery Box drop rates

Here are the drop rates for the Path of Exile Ancestor Mystery Box, courtesy of Grinding Gear Games:

Snowcaller/Ashcaller set

  • Snowcaller body armor – 3%
  • Ashcaller body armor – 2%
  • Snowcaller helmet – 3%
  • Ashcaller helmet – 2%
  • Snowcaller gloves – 3%
  • Ashcaller gloves – 2%
  • Snowcaller boots – 3%
  • Ashcaller boots – 2%

Immortal Body/Spirit set

  • Immortal Body body armor – 3%
  • Immortal Spirit body armor – 2%
  • Immortal Body helmet – 3%
  • Immortal Spirit helmet – 2%
  • Immortal Body gloves – 3%
  • Immortal Spirit gloves – 2%
  • Immortal Body boots – 3%
  • Immortal Spirit boots – 2%

Demongraft back attachment

  • Scourged Demongraft back attachment – 3.25%
  • Otherworldy Demongraft back attachment – 1.5%
  • Auspicious Demongraft back attachment – 0.25%

Sandfish pet

  • Sandfish pet – 2.5%
  • Enraged Sandfish pet – 1.5%
  • Tranquil Sandfish pet – 1%

Avatar flask effect

  • Amethyst Avatar flask effect – 2.5%
  • Gold Avatar flask effect – 1.5%
  • Sulphur Avatar flask effect – 1%

Rare finisher effects

  • Dragon Fire rare finisher effect – 1.75%
  • Shark Attack rare finisher effect – 1.25%
  • Consuming Tentacle rare finisher effect – 0.75%
  • Black Hole rare finisher effect – 0.75%
  • Anchor Drop rare finisher effect – 0.5%

Timekeeper’s Map device

  • Bronze Timekeeper’s Map device – 3%
  • Silver Timekeeper’s Map device – 1.5%
  • Gold Timekeeper’s Map device – 0.5%

Path of Exile Mystery Box - Timekeeper's Map Device cosmetic.

Cephalopod Tricorne

  • Haunted Cephalopod Tricorne – 3%
  • Superheated Cephalopod Tricorne – 1.75%
  • Astral Cephalopod Tricorne – 0.25%

Trapdoor Portal effect

  • Cemetery Trapdoor portal effect – 2.25%
  • Submerged Trapdoor portal effect – 1.75%
  • Jungle Trapdoor portal effect – 1%

Ghoulish Aura effect

  • Ghoulish Clarity effect – 1.75%
  • Ghoulish Vitality effect – 1.75%
  • Ghoulish Precision effect – 1.5%

Harbinger Portal effect

  • Harbinger portal effect – 3%
  • Starfall Harbinger portal effect – 1.25%
  • Void Emperor Harbinger portal effect – 0.5%
  • Sunprism Harbinger portal effect – 0.25%

Paint Ring effect

  • Blood paint ring effect – 3%
  • Magmatic paint ring effect – 1.5%
  • Celestial paint ring effect – 0.5%

Vampiric amulet

  • Vampiric Soul amulet – 1.75%
  • Vampiric Heart amulet – 1.75%
  • Vampiric Energy amulet – 1.5%

Peddler’s Rain Hideout decoration

  • Transmuted Peddler’s Rain hideout decoration – 3.5%
  • Chaotic Peddler’s Rain hideout decoration – 1.25%
  • Exalted Peddler’s Rain hideout decoration – 0.25%

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