Path of Exile: Ascendancy trailer places whirling death traps for 2016


Path of Exile’s getting another major expansion come early 2016, titled Ascendancy. It’s about exploring an ancient emperor’s death-trap filled dungeon, encountering the man himself numerous times. It comes with a bunch of new classes to specialise into during your adventures, plus extra ways to customise and power-up gear. A new trailer does a fairly poor job of explaining any of this, but does include lots of monsters killed in exciting new ways.

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A mini-site lays out exactly what’s being added. Here’s the lowdown:

  • A whole new system for randomising layouts of the new area, The Lord’s Labyrinth.
  • Six types of trap to dodge out of or lure enemies into.
  • The Emperor Izaro as a repeating boss fight that will learn different tactics based on what you do.
  • 19 new Ascendancy Classes with new trees of abilities.
  • Customisable enchantments that can be applied to items each time the labyrinth is completed.
  • New skills, abilities and items for everyone.

It’s a fairly large chunk of content and will be arriving “early 2016.” There’s more details on each of the different bits over on the site.