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We got our bloody hands on 100 Path of Exile: The Awakening codes, and we’re giving them away

Path of Exile: The Awakening Giveaway

Fancy carving a bloody swathe through hordes of nasty beasties and horrible monsters? Of course you do, because bloody swathes are the best kind. And why not do it in Path of Exile’s upcoming free expansion, The Awakening. It’s in closed beta at the moment, and we’ve got 100 codes that we want to fling your way.

The Awakening rains on your parade, reminding you that yes, you might have killed the big bad of the core game, but the source of his power is still knocking about, and now you’ll need to put an end to that, too. That means another grim adventure, and a bunch of new locations for you to fill up with the blood of anyone silly enough to get in your way.

There will be a slew of fancy new gems and items to discover, secreted away in dungeons or on the the corpses of slain foes. One gem even lets you summon your own pet Golem, which sounds just lovely.

Rob played around with it earlier in the year, saying “Path of Exile is good, but The Awakening expansion might make it great” and if you like the sound of that, then give our Facebook page a like and chuck your email into our Eldritch machine.