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How to remove your mask in Payday 3

Wearing a mask in Payday 3 hides your identity, so you can freely commit all of the crime, but can you remove your mask to blend in with the crowd?

Payday 3 mask remove: a masked criminal holds a civilian hostage.

Want to know how to remove your mask in Payday 3? Being incognito is one of the most important things you can do as a bank robber, so we’re told. With the amount of surveillance these days, simply wearing a stocking over your head just isn’t going to cut it; you’re going to need something a lot more robust. A clown mask it is, then.

The heists in Payday 3 are an adrenaline rush of bullets, stealing, and escaping incarceration, our Payday 3 review says as much. But can you take a breather in the midst of the carnage? Is it possible to remove your mask of dastardly deeds and go back to a normal life?

Payday 3 mask: two masked criminals have a gunfight with a police officer.

Remove mask in Payday 3

Well, unsurprisingly, you cannot remove your mask in Payday 3. Once it’s on your face, that’s it, you’re locked into a life of violence. You can delay putting on your mask, though, and if you accidentally put your mask on, simply vote to restart the match and you’ll all be at the beginning, faces on show.

It’s worth noting that you’re stuck to using clandestine methods when without your mask – lockpicking, cutting power, all that good stuff – so you have to take a more cautious approach. If you do decide to ‘go loud’, just stick that bad boy over your face then it’s weapons-free.

The brute force approach it is, then. Make sure you’re up to date on the best Payday 3 weapons so you aren’t caught short when the police arrive, and before you attempt a heist, you’re best checking on the Payday 3 server status, as that’s one thing you can’t fight. If you can’t play, for whatever reason, we have a list of the best co-op games here so you and your buds can still frolic together.