Can you play Payday 3 solo?

Of course, Payday is a multiplayer series at its heart, but if you don’t want to lobby up with strangers, you might want to know if you can play Payday 3 solo.

Payday 3 solo: One of the Payday 3 characters, Pearl, wearing a mask and standing before a backdrop of a map of New York city.

September 22, 2023 If you’re here because of Payday 3 server issues, it might not help. Thanks to Payday 3’s always-online system, even invite-only matchmaking may be suffering.

Does Payday 3 have a solo mode? The Payday is all about heisting, and if there’s one thing you need in a heist, it’s a team. In Payday 3, the playable cast consists of six members, some you might recognize, others you won’t. But what about if you want to crack on with a heist on your own?

Naturally, you’re always going to be heisting with others in Payday 3. Without them, you’d be overrun by the police in no time, even with the best Payday 3 weapons. That said, if you don’t play well with others, or Payday 3 servers are down, you might have the option to team up with AI teammates to get the job done. Here’s how to do just that as you work through the Payday 3 heists, stick it to the man, and rake in all that cash.

The heist launch menu, including the option to start an invite-only lobby, the only way to play Payday 3 solo.

Can you play Payday 3 solo?

Once you’ve completed the tutorial, there’s technically no solo mode in Payday 3. However, you can play with three AI teammates by launching an invite-only lobby following these steps:

  • Launch Payday 3
  • Select ‘Join a Heist and Matchmake’
  • Choose your heist
  • Change ‘Lobby type’ to ‘Invite Only’Choose your difficulty level and hit ‘Matchmake’
  • Wait for the lobby to load up, choose your loadout, and hit Ready

Since you didn’t invite anyone to fill those other three slots (rude), you now find yourself flanked by three AI companions, randomly selected from any of the Payday 3 heisters you didn’t choose for yourself. Now, lead them to glory.

Now you know how to play Payday 3 solo, you can make the choice whether to play with real-life cohorts or computerized ones. Since you’re here, check out our top recommendations for the best single-player games on PC right now, so you don’t have to worry about others. Of course, if you do still want a team around you, AI or otherwise, there are loads of other multiplayer games and co-op games that you might enjoy. Maybe they’ll help bring you out of your shell.