PC players are better at sex than console gamers claims study

pc gamers sex

A study has absolutely without-a-doubt proven that PC gamers are better in bed than their dirty console rivals, showing that they are players in more than one way.

The study was conducted by well-known gaming and sex authority MyVoucherCodes. They polled 2,747 partners of gamers in the UK for research into the effects playing games has on relationships. The study requested the console the person’s partner used to play games with, and then asked them to rate them on how good they were at the sex. 

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Overall results saw 11% of the polled people say their partner was ‘excellent’, 27% said ‘good’, 26% claimed ‘average’, and 20% slammed their partner with a ‘below average’ rating.

Break all these steamy stats down to platform level though, and the PC masters come out on top. 54% of PC gamers were rated ‘good’ or above, with 22% of them scoring as ‘excellent’.

In console land, 47% were considered ‘good’ or above on Xbox, and just 3% of PlayStation gamers were considered ‘excellent’ lovers.

Questions were also posed on the frequency of bedroom action compared to gaming hours, where 21% of people wanted ‘more sex, less gaming’. 11% wished things were the other way around, with ‘less sex, more gaming’.

So this means you – a PC gamer through and through – are good at the sex. Keyboard skills are transferable. There’s a whole survey to back up this fact! If you needed some links to bolster your Tinder profile with, this is definitely the one.

Thanks, Peek.