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Win over £200 worth of gaming goodies by taking part in the PCGamesN Reader Survey!

PCGamesN Reader Survey

We love you all. And that’s not just lip service – we even play things like Clock Simulator just for your amusement.

We also hope that the feeling’s mutual, and that you’re getting what you want from everybody’s favourite* PC gaming website.

But we know we can do better. Whether you want more features about games to save you from the abyss, a wider spread of PC reviews, or just a list feature of the best playable rodents in the history of videogames, we’re sure there’s something we’ve overlooked.

And so it’s time for the inaugural PCGamesN Reader Survey – your chance to tell us what you think’s good, bad and (who’s) ugly. It’s not super long – you’ll be done in five minutes – and you’ll have the chance to win some delightful Corsair hardware if you do so.

One lucky winner will get a Corsair K70 keyboard, a Sabre RGB gaming mouse, and a VOID headset– with a combined value of over £220! – for their trouble (sorry Rest of the World peeps, we can only ship these to the UK).

So please let us know your thoughts – and we won’t take it personally, promise.

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