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Want Yakuza and Persona on PC? So do Sega

Yakuza 0

Some good news just came out of E3 from Sega. The publishers have a big list of games they want to bring to PC, and two Sega-published favourites are among them. Whether you like flirting with anime girls or stamping on people’s faces in immaculate loafers, you’re going to be happy. 

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Speaking to PC Gamer about the list of games they want to port across, Sega Europe’s senior vice president, John Clark, mentioned the possibility of Yakuza.

“It’s on that list,” he says. “Of course something we’re talking about it… that would just be incredible to bring that to the PC audience.”

Clark goes on to say that Sega “don’t feel that anything is off the table,” and that includes Persona. “We recognise the value, we recognise the value of the community, the IP,” says Clark. “The IP has got continued life to grow and get bigger.”

With the recent release of Yakuza 0, now would be the perfect time to bring Sega’s mad open-world brawler to PC, since the prequel is a perfect jumping-on point. The Persona games are a series of standalone stories, so they could go from anywhere with the JRPG. However you want to do it, Sega, just do it.