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Fallout fans petition Bethesda to put Mitten Squad in Fallout 5

Fallout fans ask Bethesda to add Joseph Wilson, known as ‘Mitten Squad,’ to Fallout 5, after the New Vegas and Skyrim YouTuber's death.

Mitten Squad death Fallout 5: Joseph Wilson, also known as Mitten Squad, a Bethesda RPGs YouTuber

One of the greatest Fallout, Skyrim, and Elder Scrolls players of all time, renowned for his challenge run videos on YouTube, Joseph Wilson, better known as ‘Mitten Squad,’ recently died at the age of 27. Beloved by Bethesda fans owing to his sardonic humor and imaginative challenges (“Can you beat Fallout New Vegas without a Pip Boy?”) Wilson accrued more than 1.4 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. Now, Mitten Squad fans are asking Bethesda to add the RPG legend to Fallout 5. In less than one day, the petition for the Starfield maker has almost reached 1,000 signatures.

Between Fallout New Vegas, Skyrim, The Elder Scrolls Oblivion, and Fallout 4, Wilson created some of the best challenge run videos ever made about Bethesda RPGs. The YouTuber had taken a hiatus owing to health concerns, but was planning to restart the Mitten Squad channel in the future. On Monday, December 18, however, an obituary posted by Molnar Funeral Homes in Brownstown, Michigan, confirmed that Wilson had died.

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A new petition asks Bethesda to pay homage to Wilson (also known by the online pseudonym ‘Paul’) either in Fallout 5 or the upcoming television adaptation. Launched by Juan Nieves, a Mitten Squad fan, it makes reference to Wilson’s catchphrase. “Let’s memorialize Paul forever and get him in a Fallout game,” the petition says. “Even in death, the real game begins.”

As of this writing, the petition has 789 signatures, close to its initial goal of 1,000. Nieves shares an update, encouraging fans to reach out to Bethesda about memorializing Mitten Squad. “I’m really touched by your generosity, and love for Paul,” Nieves writes. Here is a link to the petition if you wish to sign it.