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Some Phasmophobia ghosts can open the front door, it turns out

Phasmophobia ghosts and their abilities continue to surprise players with some unexpected interactions, despite the horror game approaching its second year

Phasmophobia ghosts: An apparition approaches the player in the farmhouse map

Phasmophobia ghosts all have a range of unique abilities, most of which players have learned by heart. Some leave fewer traces of their presence, others are more likely to hunt you down in the dark, and one can even use the abilities of other ghosts. What none of them can do is affect the front door, except during hunts when it locks automatically – or so we thought. During a recent in-game investigation Reddit user IgneousWrath conducted, they were caught between trying to decide if the ghost was a Yurei or an Oni, not helped by the surplus of ghost events taking place.

The clincher was when the Yurei used its unique ability. The Yurei drains someone’s sanity by a significant amount and then closes or opens a door at random, and in this instance, it was the front door. IgneousWrath showed their setup, that the hallway by the door was clear, and double checked that the surrounding doors were as they had been before the event.

There’s no mistaking it was the Yurei ability either. The team didn’t check their sanity, but, the door interaction sounds and the delayed closing sound match perfectly with the Yurei’s normal behavior.

That IgneousWrath made this discovery to begin with is something of a phenomenon in itself. The Yurei’s ability only works on a door in the surrounding area. Even on a small map, there’s still a pretty high chance the Yurei may end up in another room – a bedroom, a bathroom, the basement, basically anywhere that isn’t the hallway near the front door – and a random chance it could be any other door in the vicinity.

It’s impressive that even with Phasmophobia approaching its second anniversary and boasting a respectable global player count, it still has some secrets to hide.

As far as anyone can tell, the Yurei is the only Phasmophobia ghost that can actually affect the front door. It’s possibly other ghosts with abilities that randomly affect the surrounding area could have some kind of unexpected influence as well, but for now, if the entrance starts behaving oddly, you know exactly which incorporeal presence to pin the blame on.

The horror game has no shortage of planned new discoveries in store either. The next Phasmo update will add a brand-new asylum map with themed areas and custom difficulty options.