New Phasmophobia update makes planning investigations easier

The new truck overhaul Phasmophobia update brings a much-needed redesign to the truck and adds a few new ghosts to contend with as well

The latest Phasmophobia update, which Kinetic calls the Truck Overhaul update, is out now, and in addition to making the promised overhauls to the truck, it adds some new ghosts to what’s already one of the best ghost games on PC. If you’ve enjoyed exploiting the sanity pill bug and getting infinite sanity pills, though, Kinetic Games has some bad news for you.

The Truck Overhaul update adds new layouts and models to the truck and makes grabbing the equipment you want significantly easier by mounting it on the walls, instead of leaving it clustered together on a few shelves. It also introduces three new ghost types, the Deogen, who always watches you; the Moroi, a vengeance-seeking ghost who curses their victims; and the Thaye, a ghost that’s always aging… somehow.

For the two weeks following the new Phasmophobia update, you can expect to see these ghosts spawn much more frequently, as Kinetic said they want to give players a better chance of understanding how they operate – in lieu of learning about them in patch notes. While it might seem like a step back from the more transparent patch notes Kinetic promised earlier in 2022, there’s good reason for it.


“We’re hoping this will bring back the original investigator feeling and allow players to work together, as a team, to uncover the truth!” the team said in the update notes.

The Truck Overhaul update also replaces the original voice recognition system that relied on Windows to one that allows for more languages and platforms, including the Steam Deck.

Other updates include heat coming from the campfire at Maple Lodge and some welcome changes to the activities of a few ghosts. Mist will never appear if there’s an Oni around now, and Jinn will leave their EMF mark near the fusebox when they use their abilities.

That’s in addition to a host of other changes, from improved shadow effects and lightning to removing the bug that let us duplicate sanity pills indefinitely.

Meanwhile, Kinetic promised more news about the custom difficulty update in the near future.

If you’re keen on scares and Phasmophobia alone won’t cut it, there’s plenty more excellent horror games to sink into.