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Phoenix Point Steam release date - everything you need to know about the ‘Year One Edition’

Here’s when to expect a Steam release of this turn-based strategy gem

Phoenix Point is coming to Steam. The spiritual successor to the XCOM series released December 3 2019 on the Epic Games store, which means the exclusivity deal with Epic will end at the start of December 2020.

You won’t have long to wait, as it happens, as developer Snapshot Games is wasting no time in getting their turn-based strategy game in the hands of more users. You can read our Phoenix Point review if you want to know more about what we thought about the game. While the initial launch was a bit rocky (and perhaps fell short of expectations, considering this was Julian Gollop returning to his original X-Com roots) the sci-fi tactical strategy game has been improving steadily over the past 12 months.

Since release, the game has received three expansion packs, and six major free updates. You can tell the major ones because they have cool-sounding codenames. The most recent patch was 1.8 ‘Arkham’, which added a new mission and made plenty of quality of life changes, including reworked personnel interfaces and a new ‘game over’ screen.

Phoenix Point steam release date

Phoenix Point will be releasing on Steam on December 3, 2020. That’s one week earlier than its initially planned launch of December 10. (By what we’re sure is sheer coincidence, that also happens to be the same day Cyberpunk 2077 launches.)

Snapshot is marking the game’s Steam debut with a ‘Year One Edition’, which will comprise all of the DLC released for the game between the EGS launch and the Steam launch.

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The Phoenix Point – Year One Edition will come with the following content:

  • The base game
  • DLC 1 – Blood & Titanium
  • DLC 2 – Legacy of the Ancients
  • Living Weapons Pack DLC
  • Official Phoenix Point Digital Soundtrack Album
  • The Compendium Digital Story Collection
  • Official Phoenix Point Digital Art Book
  • Digital PC Wallpapers
  • Digital Game Manual

There is a third DLC known to be in the works called Festering Skies, but that’s not due to release until early 2021, so will likely be sold separately and not be folded into the Y1E.

Remember, early backers of the game who selected either the GOG or Steam platform options will have received an Epic key, but will get another key for their original chosen platform once the deal is up.