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Is Phoenix Point coming to Steam?

Here’s when to expect a Steam release of this turn-based strategy gem


Is Phoenix Point coming to Steam? The spiritual successor to the XCOM series released December 3 on the Epic Games store, so, when can we expect a Phoenix Point Steam release date?

…If at all. The announcement by co-designer Julian Gollop earlier in the year that Phoenix Point would be an Epic Games store exclusive, was met by disgruntled fans, especially those who crowdfunded Phoenix Point, which was originally announced for the platforms GOG and Steam. Gollop has said there are major benefits to becoming an Epic Games store exclusive and that he is “truly sorry” to fans upset by Phoenix Point’s Epic Games store release, which, according to the investor, Phoenix Point developers got more than $2 million for Epic exclusivity deals.

Phoenix Point developers have offered refunds to backers who are unhappy with the choice for the game to be a 12 month exclusive deal. So when is Phoenix Point coming to Steam? Here’s when you can expect to play this turn-based strategy game to make its grand entrance onto the Steam platform.

Phoenix Point steam release date

If you’re holding off to play Phoenix Point on Steam, you may be in for a long wait. Phoenix Point is an Epic Store exclusive for a year, meaning you won’t be able to play on the Steam platform until at least December, 2020.

Early backers of the game who selected either the GOG or Steam platform, received an Epic key, but will get another key for their original chosen platform once the deal is up. You can of course add non-Steam games to Valve’s client with a few simple steps – check out our Fortnite Steam guide for a rundown of the process – but it’s not quite the same.

Phoenix Point joins the growing list of Epic Game store exclusives such a Metro Exodus and The Outer Worlds, so don’t expect to see Phoenix Point on Steam any time soon.

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