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Pillars of Eternity 2’s first free DLC is all about getting really drunk

pillars of eternity 2 free dlc rum runners pack

Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire going to get a selection of free DLC packs over the course of the year, and the first of those post-release content updates is available right now. Called the Rum Runner’s Pack, it’ll give you several new ways to answer that age-old question, “what will we do with a drunken sailor?”

The Rum Runners Pack will get you a new female sidekicked named Mirke, as well as six new alcohol-themed items available for purchase at a merchant in the Deadfire. If you really want to claim the alcoholic lifestyle, there’s also a new Drunken personality setting. (Just be careful not to stumble overboard.)

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Future Pillars 2 updates will include the ability to change your player character’s appearance at any time, a feature which will come alongside the second free DLC pack next month. Titled the Beard and Hair Pack, you can probably make some safe guesses about what that update will contain.

Though today’s launch marks the start of post-release updates for the game, it’s worth noting the free Critical Role DLC that came on launch day, which added eight new portraits and voice sets based on the popular D&D series run by voice actors.

If you’re holding out for some more substantial Pillars 2 DLC, the first paid expansion launches in July, challenging you to head to another dimension and infiltrate a doomsday cult in Beast of Winter. Two more big DLC packs will accompany the more frequent free updates throughout the rest of the year.