Paradox’s imminent Hearts of Iron IV and Stellaris livestream may also feature new game from Obsidian

Pillars of Eternity

Paradox Interactive are preparing for a big press conference tonight at GDC to “highlight a number of forthcoming projects for the year.” Excitingly, Obsidian will also be making some sort of announcement. Could it be Pillars of Eternity related?

You should be excited about a new game from Obsidian. After all, Pillars of Eternity even made it into our prestigious list of PC’s best RPGs.

Paradox president Fredrik Wester has been teasing the livestream for a while, and today he posted about the Obsidian announcement.

Likewise, Paradox developerShams Jorjani tweeted yesterday: “We’ve got one HELL of an announcement for you tomorrow with @Obsidian Really excited about this one.”

A teaser site popped up earlier this week for Obsidian’s announcement, and it contained a multiple choice quiz that aims to find out just how evil you are. It certainly seems to hint that some morally-dubious RPG antics are incoming. Obsidian have also been using the hashtag#EvilSpelledBackwardsIsLive for a while, building hype. Expect something substantial.

Wester also confirmed on Twitter that the livestream would contain news on bothHearts of Iron IV and Stellaris. This follows a not-so-subtle hint earlier this week from Wester: “Pro tip: don’t miss our press conference next week. We have some Stellar stuff to show you. Stellar, I tell you.”

Watch the livestream here:

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