Pillars of Eternity is out now, so here’s a dramatic launch trailer

Pillars of Eternity launch trailer

Today’s the day that we can finally stop wishing people still made brilliant isometric RPGs and actually go and play one. Obsidian’s exceptional Pillars of Eternity is out now, and yes, you should definitely get it. Or you could read my Pillar of Eternity review and then get it. 

Obsidian and Paradox have released a new trailer that’s full of burning maps and people talking about very important things. Take a gander below. 

“Moments like these feel surreal when they finally arrive,” said Obsidian’s CEO Feargus Urquhart. “Today is the culmination of two years’ hard work, but there’s even more to it than the usual game release day. Given where we were when we started on Pillars of Eternity, this is the start of a new chapter in the story of Obsidian. We’ll be forever grateful to all of our fans and backers for making this moment possible, and truly hope that we have lived up to the faith you placed in us.”

A live stream with Josh Sawyer will be kicking off at 3pm PT today over on Twitch, where he’ll be introducing folk to the game.