Planet Coaster sells a million in less than a year


The happy-go-luckiest management sim of the moment, Planet Coaster, has sold a million units since its launch in November last year.

Fancy driving the go-karts in your own park? ‘Cause you can. Here’s how.

The news comes via an announcementby developers Frontier earlier today. It’s a pretty impressive performance for a relatively modest game, especially one that’s been out for less than a year.

As you probably know, Frontier also make the big and flashy space sim Elite: Dangerous, and to add further delicious context to Planet Coaster’s success, they also announced its sales to date: 2.75 million, since its launch in December 2014, with a pre-release period for backers since December 2013.

“We are delighted with the continuing popularity of both Elite Dangerous and Planet Coaster,” David Walsh, Frontier’s chief operations officer, says. “We will continue to release updates that even further enhance our players’ experiences.”

Planet Coaster is on Steam here for £29.99 ($44.99), and it’s jolly good fun.