Go-karts coming to Planet Coaster with spring update on April 11

Planet Coaster spring update

Spring is coming, and with it new life: bouncing baby go-karts, newly sprouted coasters and fresh flatrides. Frontier have a major update coming to Planet Coaster on April 11, stuffed with retro-styled rides that don’t impose clashing styles on your existing parks.

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The flatrides are especially multi-purpose – a Big Wheel, long-armed ZoZo and 360-degree spinning Elixer Machine, all fully-customisable. They’re matched by three new coasters: PC’s first suspended swinging coaster, Steel Hydra, and two new shuttle coasters – Trident and Bakasura.

The headline feature, though, is surely the go-kart track. Named Speed, it’s tied to Planet Coaster’s powerful track editor, so you can play with slopes, chicanes and narrow road segments.

Keep your eyes off the road, though, since Frontier are also introducing crime to parks – vandals to the miserable ones, and pickpockets to the success stories. Thankfully, they’re matched by moustachioed new security guards and CCTV cameras.

Our Tim named Planet Coaster his game of 2016, but it’s only this year I’ve realised the extent of its wonders: the systemic rivers of guests, interrupted by eddies that show you where your paths could use work. And the custom toolset, far more complex than a management game demands. But it’s obviously appreciated – apparently there are nearly 100,000 community creations in the Steam Workshop now. Roll on April 11.

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