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Planet Coaster update 1.5 adds the jungle-themed Adventure Pack DLC

Planet Coaster

The only thing better than a rollercoaster that pretends you’re being shot into outer space is one that pretends it’s plunging you into molten lava, as my old da used to say. Planet Coaster is adding exactly that with the 1.5 update today, which brings with it the Adventure Pack themed around the South American gold rush. The Pack is available at a price, but the free update also has a batch of bug fixes and UI improvements.

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The trailer above shows off most of what’s in the Adventure Pack, while this announcement post has the full details. It’s £7.99 / $10.99 / €10.99, though only seems to be available on the Frontier store currently. Expect it to go live on Steam soon.

It adds a bit of everything in the jungle flavour, including three new rides, two new hats, a new entertainer, and over 300 scenery items. The rides come in two main themes, one a minecart adventure through ancient tombs and the other a more relaxed ride focused on transportation via water.

On the free patch front, the UI has been altered to allow for renaming sold items, a 1m option for building grids and picnic benches as a sub category. Alice is extremely excited about that final part.