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Planet Zoo becomes Planet Petting Zoo in newly announced DLC

Planet Zoo's Barnyard Animal Pack will let you enjoy the rustic charm the countryside with a ton of new farmyard animals for your zoo.

Planet Zoo becomes Planet Petting Zoo in newly announced DLC: A Sussex chicken struts with other chickens coming in behind.

Zoos can be amazing places but one of the issues with them is it’s rare you’ll be able to get up close to any of the creatures living there. Most zookeepers tend to look down on visitors hopping into the lion enclosure, though most don’t get to be in there for long. That’s why petting zoos exist, filled with animals more suitable to be around us unwary humans. With new DLC releasing soon for Planet Zoo you’ll be able to add a touch of pastoral life to your wild beast-filled enclosures.

In the nearly five years since its release, Planet Zoo has carved out a niche for itself as being one of the most joyful management games out there. No matter what kind of animal you plonk in an enclosure, from giraffes to capybaras, leopards to scorpions, there’s a simple pleasure to be found in just watching them go about their business. Of course there’s an in-depth simulation game about running a zoo included too, but it’s the animals we’re here for.

Frontier Developments has just announced a brand new DLC for the game which will see things go in a more rural direction. The Barnyard Animal Pack will add seven new farmyard creatures to the game, including Sussex chicken, Highland cattle, Alpine goats, South American alpacas, American standard donkeys, Hill Radnor sheep, and Tamworth pigs. Far from some of the more dangerous animals found in Planet Zoo, these can all be approached by your guests with less fear that someone will get savaged. Though if you have ever been near a flock of chickens, you’ll know that they’re not to be trifled with.

A screenshot from the upcoming Planet Zoo DLC which shows a large petting zoo filled with people and creatures.

The DLC announcement gives a little peek at how this will work, with chickens and goats milling about calmly while guests eat lunch or pad about on their way to their next diversion. In addition to the new animals, Frontier Developments will add 60 new scenery pieces and a New Zealand-based scenario which will see you work to return a farm to life, creating a safe habitat for these pastoral pals.

Alongside the launch of this new piece of DLC, Planet Zoo will also get the free 1.17 update which will allow habitats to be turned into animal encounters, letting your guests get closer to wildlife than ever before. This will also include a number of new scenery pieces, including the hand washing station, education board, small guest gate, and the Buddleia Bush.

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Planet Zoo’s Barnyard Animal Pack will launch on Tuesday, April 30 for $9.99/£7.99. If you’re looking for some farmyard fun, you can add it to your Steam wishlist now.

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