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Planet Zoo score roundup – what are the critics saying?

Frontier Developments is one of the world’s most acclaimed management sim studios, and the company’s latest game, a Zoo Tycoon spiritual successor, is just around the corner. Planet Zoo’s release date of November 5 has arrived, and with it a bunch of reviews.

Our own Planet Zoo review awards the game an 8/10. “Planet Zoo is an excellent entry point into management sims, as well as a hugely rewarding game for veterans of the genre. It’s minutely detailed, making it overwhelming at first glance, but players have a range of modes on offer and plenty of help if they want it, tailoring the experience to their skills. And for those up for a challenge, there’s real depth and meatiness up for grabs that’ll reward a job done right.”

You can see a bunch more reviews in the score roundup below. Critics have, on the whole, reacted warmly to the game – who doesn’t love animals?

PLanet Zoo Scores

For more like this, check out our list of the best management games on PC. Planet Zoo is out now.

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