PlanetSide 2 is feeling a little bit gassy

PlanetSide 2 April Fools

Some stuff is going down in PlanetSide 2 tomorrow as it joins the legions of games attempting to make you guffaw during April Fools, the biggest day in PR and marketers’ calendars. Auraxis has a gas problem. There’s pressure building in the bowels of the planet and everyone is being warned to keep an eye out for unusual activity.

The planet needs to fart. 

On top of world farting, there’s a new piece of headgear that you can buy and use only for tomorrow.

“Field testing for an experimental combat system will begin on April 1st and be deployed for one day only. The Strategic Combat Headgear with Navigational Offensive Zergtech (SCHNOZ) will grant players a 50% XP boost when worn. Purchased in the armory, it will only provide the bonus April 1st, so be sure to make use of it Wednesday!”

Drivers will also be able to acquire two unique horns for their vehicles. They’ll only be available tomorrow, but you’ll be able to use them all year. Will they play fart noises? I don’t know, probably?