Mammoth Planetside 2 patch is biggest ever


Planetside 2’s next set of changes to Game Update 08 is promised to be the biggest the game has seen since launch. That means an armoury full of new boomsticks and a sweet new ride, alongside a bunch of balancing tweaks, bug fixes and UI updates. 

In a post over on the Planetside 2 forums, Creative Director Matthew Higby officially introduced the new Harasser buggy: a 3-man light assault vehicle that zips around the map like a radio-controlled car of death. We saw the Harasser last weektearing it up on the test server, but it’s now confirmed it’s on its way to everyone. See it in action in the reveal video.

If you’re worried about the Harasser bringing too much pain to your game, each one of Planetside’s three factions is getting a new MAX Anti-Vehicle weapon, which should help ease your problems. They’re all designed around long-range combat, leaving the current shooters as close-range DPS solutions.

On the balancing side almost every weapon is being adjusted in some way. Higby explains that this is to “carve out specific roles for each weapons, ensure that the weapons intended to shine at long range are doing just that, and that the ones that are supposed to be close quarters slayers aren’t dominating in the medium and long ranges as well.” This should solve the problem of everyone using assault rifles as the solution to every situation.

Tanks are due to receive some extra armour-plating, and should be able to take punishment from an extra couple of rocket impacts before being destroyed.

Players have been requesting adjustments to the interface, and this new patch will see some changes made to the capture progress bars to denote the direction the capture is heading in, along with a time remaining clock. The update will also offer the ability to separate the customised colours for players and facilities.

To see everything else expected in the adjustments to GU08, read the whole post over at the Planetside 2 forums.