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Planetside 2 now has pump action laser shotguns, and other post-server merge stories


This week has seen half of Planetside 2’s servers upended and their residents tipped unceremoniously into other, half-full versions of Auraxis. But among the excitement, lots of small, notable additions and fixes have wormed their way into the game. Would you like to hear about them?

Visit the in-game depot this Friday and you’ll find new pump action shotguns, one for each faction, which trade rate of fire for increased stopping power – where ‘stopping’ means ‘heart-stopping’.

The Terran shotgun is a TRS-12 Uppercut. The Vanu have the Phobos VX86, footage of which you can see below (though you might find the mute button handy):

And for the New Conglomerate, the GD-66 Claw:

The newest patch has also reduced impact flinch and evened out flinch amount based on damage, and reduced screen shake caused by explosions.

Elsewhere there are general client stability improvements and server optimisations, and fixes for NC shotgun slug ammo, which was reportedly proving too effective at longer ranges.

In other Planetside news, have you noticed this new territorial map for stat-tracking on SOE’s Players site? It’s rather nice. Do you think it’ll be useful?

Thanks, PoshDiggory.