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PlanetSide 2's Amerish gets a facelift and the mission system gets tweaked

PlanetSide 2 Amerish overhaul

PlanetSide 2’s Amerish continent is about to leave surgery with a facelift. SOE’s crack team of cosmetic surgeons have been busy implementing the lattice system - changing base layouts and adding six new outposts - and fiddling around with the mission system for the whole game. 

The first update is due out on Wednesday, according to Shacknews, overhauling Amerish, and a second update will drop a week later, bringing changes across all of PlanetSide 2. 

The overhaul for Amerish will see bases repositioned around the terrain of the continent to limit where vehicles can approach choke points, and areas like Ascent and Raven’s Landing will become more challenging for defenders to hold onto. 

On February 26th, the second update will go live, promising to create a more user-friendly experience for new players by giving them a quiz, the result of which will suggest what class they might be most comfortable with as well as suggestions for appropriate loadouts. Two default loadouts will also be made available, instead of the single loadout that new players previously had to be content with. 

The changes to the mission system mean that they will become more objective orientated. Squad leaders will be able to dictate soldier objectives by their actions, and they’ll be able to make quick missions for their platoon, the completion of which will reward everyone with XP.

A new death screen is also being tossed into the mix, and instead of just showing who killed you and with what weapon, dead players will be able to see where their killer was on the minimap, giving groups a chance to hunt down foes who haven’t kept on the move if they want a spot of revenge. 

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Dog Pants avatarRavenHawk avatar
Dog Pants Avatar
Dog Pants(16 days 18 hours played)
4 Years ago

As much as I like the mesh system, they should have left Amerish open. We already have Indar and Esamir with meshes, give the people variety. I don't know if the death map thing is good either. I don't usually have a huge problem with hidden nasties, and when I do I can generally hunt them down. They get a few kills on me, but if they're going to be an infiltrator or light assault and go to the effort of finding a crafty hiding place then good luck to them. I suppose it'll come down to just how accurately it pinpoints their killer.

RavenHawk Avatar
RavenHawk(44 days 5 hours played)
4 Years ago

Really don't like the sound of the new death screen either. Though from what I read a while ago, it will only show the general direction from where you were killed from - which you oftentimes can tell from the damage indicator right as you die. If that's the case, then I don't mind as much. If it's more accurate than that, it's a different story.