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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds was the most watched game on Twitch in August

PUBG Twitch

Another day, another record broken by PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Along with becoming the most popular game on Steam and the second most popular game in South Korea’s PC bangs, it finally dethroned League of Legends as the most watched game on Twitch during August.

As the PUBG community keeps growing, it needs to battle the threat of player toxicity.

Based on data compiled by Gamoloco, League of Legends has been the most watched game on Twitch since they started monitoring viewer stats back in October 2014. This means that League of Legends had been at the top for at least 34 months, before PUBG came onto the scene. When you consider that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds only breached the 60 million hours a month club back in July, its growth on Twitch has been nothing short of astounding.

If you’re looking for the raw stats, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds was watched for 73.7 million hours in August, while League of Legends was watched for 71.9 million hours. In terms of concurrent viewers, PUBG managed a grand total of 453,163 concurrent viewers during the Gamescom Invitational, with that figure being a 123% increase over its max number of concurrent viewers in July.

Keep in mind that while League of Legends has had regular events like the EU and NA LCS playoffs to boost viewer figures, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has been able to get to the top with only one major tournament under its belt. The Gamescom Invitational was a trial to see if a major PUBG tournament would work – just imagine the viewing figures when more of its energies are put into esports.

The true test is seeing if PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds can keep that position as the top dog of Twitch into September and beyond. With Destiny 2 on the horizon and no big invitational tournament to pump up numbers, I could see it falling back down to second place by the end of the month.