PUBG gets a new way to keep track of live events in-game

PUBG's events are now easier to track and hop into in-game

There’s a new way to keep track of events going on in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, following an update that folds in a handy new in-game feature. Plus, developer Krafton has detailed two new events running in the battle royale game this month.

“Today, we’re introducing our newly improved in-game Events Page to showcase ongoing and upcoming events to participate in and earn rewards,” Krafton announces in a new blog post. This is a pretty basic but handy feature that lets you browse a list new events going on, and jump into them more easily by hitting a ‘participate’ option. From the snapshots included in the post, we can see the duration of the event displayed, along with rewards up for grabs (which can only be grabbed while an event’s live), and your progress towards goals.

The new Event Page can be found via a ‘care package’ icon in the right-hand corner of the game’s lobby screen, and you’ll now see notifications pop up in PUBG’s notifications hub when event-related news drops.

As for the new content, we’ve got the El Solitario collaboration event already live on our home platform, which runs until June 22 (June 10 – 30 for our friends on console). For this, there are daily missions to complete for points which can be redeemed against El Solitario skins – a Wolf sweater and Wolf face scarf.

The next is a Weapon Skin Upgrade System Update event (yes, that’s its real name – phew). This one is also live on PC and runs until June 15, and – as you can guess – celebrates the launch of PUBG’s new weapon skin upgrade system. Again, you’ll need to chase down daily missions for points, which you can put towards Contraband Coupons – with these then used to unlock Contraband Crates.

For full details, head to the blog post linked above, and be sure to check out our rundown of the best multiplayer games on PC for more.