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At the PUBG Gamescom Invitational, one player won $15,000 by running and hiding

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The best way to win a game of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is up for debate - is it by dropping into the dense areas filled with loot, risking death from the many other people dropping in, or is it by hiding out in the middle of nowhere? If you’re taking part in a tournament like the invitationals at Gamescom, we have the answer.

For tips that might win you a chicken dinner rather than $15,000, here's our guide to winning at PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds.

Turns out, running away and hiding isn’t the worst tactic you can use, and perhaps could have net you $15,000 if you were taking part in the tournaments at Gamescom. VG247 noted that one player, Kyo-min “Evermore” Koo, used this tactic to rack up points and come on top of the leaderboard, despite killing very few other people.

Because time spent alive was one of the factors for getting points, and a kill only netted players 5 points, there was little incentive to actually kill - this was exactly why Evermore decided to use this tactic.

If you want to see exactly how it all went, the first round is above, while here’s the second and third rounds, all focusing on Evermore’s perspective. The third round is also a good indicator of why PUBG isn't a huge esport yet: a bug caused Evermore to get stuck in a rock, had that not happened, he would have survived longer.

Was it cheap? Perhaps. Was it effective? Definitely. Hopefully, this leads to the organisers looking into a better scoring system in the future.

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Anakhoresis avatarDaniel Mtanous - USA avatarAgentSmith avataraaronfield22 avatar
Anakhoresis Avatar
11 Months ago

"Was it cheap?"

Why would it be? The purpose of the game is to be the last one alive. Killing other players is not necessarily more effective at attaining this goal, compared to trying to stay away from other people. Sure it's not that exciting, but it's certainly not cheap.

Daniel Mtanous - USA Avatar
11 Months ago

The game is called battlegrounds, not hidegrounds.

aaronfield22 Avatar
9 Months ago

Was WWII just a complete battleground? No, it had a bunch of trench warfare and stalemates where people were essentially hiding.

Daniel Mtanous - USA Avatar
6 Months ago

lol! one is reality and one is a video game.

That is like asking bears to use silverware...

damn opposable thumbs and shit.

AgentSmith Avatar
11 Months ago

Evermore did NOT win by running and hiding. He won a round and then got stuck in a rock and healed through the blue to get into the top 10. So he won by getting more points than everyone else. It was an incredibly smart play. Don't belittle his win because you may not like the way he won