PUBG new map – all the latest details on the upcoming snow map

What are the new PUBG maps? Sanhok has officially released to live servers and we’ve had our first peek at a PUBG snow map

pubg new map

Just as we were getting to know the 8x8km island map of Erangel and its desert-themed counterpart Miramar, a new jungle map comes along with its own terrain to master. On top of all of that PUBG Corp. has shown off a glimpse of the next PUBG new map, which appears to be set somewhere snowy.

One of PUBG’s best features is its range of colossal maps – they are big enough to cater to different playstyles and feature an unmatched variety of combat scenarios for would-be military tacticians to overcome. However, these latest two PUBG maps show a little variation: Sanhok is a quarter of the size of the current maps, and the snowy map appears to be adding trackable footsteps.

It’s still in the early stages of development and PUBG Corp has been vague on the details, but a few interesting snippets of information have been revealed. Another new PUBG map is much, much smaller: a 4x4km island map designed to offer a much quicker battle royale experience.

The new PUBG snow map was previously rumoured to feature a number of terrain types to create a scaled-down Adriatic setting, so expect scenes from the Croatian and Albanian countryside.

It’s still in the early stages of development and PUBG Corp. has been vague on the details, but a few interesting snippets of information have been revealed. So, to keep you in the loop, we are pooling together everything we know about the new PUBG maps, including vehicles, release dates, and key landmarks.

pubg sanhok map

PUBG new map: Sanhok

The latest PUBG map is a jungle-covered island roughly a quarter the size of the game’s current maps. The map is called Sanhok and has finally release on live servers after months of extensive tests and upgrades on the PUBG Experimental Test Server.

The 4x4km size means a much higher player density; the same 100 players crammed into a tiny space creates more intense match where there is no safe place to land. The new PUBG map is made up of one large island that’s divided into three playable zones by a forking river. There are a few sizable built-up areas and a smattering of unnamed villages, but unlike Miramar, you’ll find a lot more natural cover between each landmark. The busiest spots are Paradise Resort, Ruins, Bootcamp, and Ha Tinh.

pubg new map vehicles

As Sanhok is much smaller than the other PUBG maps, vehicles are much less important for escaping the circle. Similarly, the density of major loot spots means you will not have to travel far to get quality gear, although you will have to fight for it. Still, there are plenty of boats, motorbikes, and cars dotted around the map should you get caught out by the circle or need to escape a skirmish. Sanhok also features map-exclusive PUBG weapons – the bullpup QBZ95 replaces the SCAR-L, offering a higher rate of fire in exchange for slower reload times. There is also a new DMR, the QBU, which makes up for its low damage with a very high rate of fire and a bipod for stability.

pubg new map snow tracks

PUBG snow map

The PUBG roadmap also talks of another new map that the team hopes to get onto the Experimental Test Servers as quickly as possible. This could well be the much discussed Adriatic map, and we believe we got to see more of it during the PUBG E3 2018 trailer below.

The snippet of footage suggests that the new PUBG map will be set in winter or high up in a mountain. Either way, we know that the PUBG snow map size will be “somewhere in between” that of Miramar and Sanhok – that’s 8x8km and 4x4km, respectively. Interestingly, the aforementioned PUBG roadmap says that the new PUBG map will be 8x8km, so perhaps plans have changed or PUBG Corp. are talking about two separate upcoming PUBG maps.

Only one key building has been mentioned: a massive, Soviet-era cosmodrome. Initially, Mr Unknown himself (or Brendan Greene, if you prefer) revealed to us that the cosmodrome would feature several massive buildings full of loot, but that the team have had to scale down their ambitions.

“I see [a level designer] work on the cosmodrome, and the guy who is working on the buildings – the first round of buildings he did were massive. You could host two or three whole battle royales within these buildings. They had 50 floors, they were gigantic, but they made the area look super cool. We did have to cut them down and make them more manageable so people did not run into a building and go ‘Fuck’. So much loot, so little time.”

Greene was keen to emphasise that “it is still very early” and the maps are continually changing. “We are still blocking out where towns will be, what the various points of interest will be. ”

PUBG snow map release date

Winter is coming to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, and at a very suitable time: the PUBG snow map release date is winter 2018. There’s still plenty of work to be done, but we’ll let you know once we get a specific launch date.