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PUBG glider spawns: where to find the Motor Glider in PUBG

Is it a bird, is it a plane, no - it’s the new Motor Glider in PUBG


Looking for PUBG glider spawns? If you want to strap into PUBG’s latest vehicle, here’s where you can expect to find the new gliders in PUBG.

The new bright yellow vehicle may be a bit of an eyesore, and it’s noisy too, but stealth isn’t everyone’s game and if you want to make a dramatic entrance (or quick getaway) then the Motor Glider is pretty easy to use. It’s not just speed that the Motor Glider has on its side to escape the tightening circle and impending sense of dread that enemies are lurking behind each corner. Now you can take to the skies and glide over your foes, with one of your pals in the backseat lobbing molotovs and firing down a parade of bullets onto enemies.

The Motor Glider, however, isn’t invincible. If you’re subject to return fire or ground fire and your wings or engine take damage, then it’ll be a swift trip back down. That said, your tyres can’t be damaged, so landing is always an option. Here are the locations for the PUBG glider spawns.

PUBG glider spawns

PUBG Corp confirms in a LABS report that the PUBG glider spawn rate has decreased. “We used to have 10 motor gliders spawned in 10 spawn locations, so 100% spawn rate on each location,” the developer says. “We’ll be changing this to 10 gliders randomly spawned in 40 spawn locations, so a 25% spawn rate on each location. As this is a new content, we’d like to test the spawn balance, so the spawn rate is likely to change a few times.”

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Fortunately, PlayerIGN has created a PUBG glider spawn map for both Erangel and Miramar. You can check them out below.

Those are the PUBG glider spawns, if you’re gunning to use one of PUBG’s new vehicles, make sure to bring gas, as you’ll need to fill up the tank before take off.