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Over 50,000 cheaters have now been banned from PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

The banhammer swings quickly and without remorse. Those that come under its weight are met with swift justice. And, it turns out, it’s been doing some serious work for PUBG – over 50,000 players have been banned by BattlEye so far.

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Just think about that for a second. Considering your average PUBG game has about 100 people, that’s 500 games worth of unique people getting banned, presumably never to play again. Considering it’s only been a part of PUBG since about April, that’s just three months of bans.

Speaking of relatively new things, the most recent patch seems to have screwed things up for a lot of people. Complaints are coming in thick and fast on the official subreddit, where one thread has over 600 comments already. Lag is the main issue – lots of players are finding the game impossible to play due to lag and rubberbanding, supposedly introduced in this recent patch.

1PP matches were also not awarding BP, but that’s been fixed, and some people are getting serious issues with two-person FPP mode.

The team say they’re working on server issues right now, and if you’ve got a bug that’s not been brought up yet, you can report it over on the official forums, where it’s more likely to get noticed.