The new PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds patch makes scopes usable for colourblind people

PUBG fight

In PUBG, I’m always searching for an ACOG scope. The 4x sight comes with a yellow or lime green (I’m not sure which) crosshair, which is a better contrast against the brown and dark green scenery than a tiny red dot. 

Speaking of different magnification lenses, check out our list of the best 4X games. See what I did there? 

I’m red and green colourblind, you see, just like 4.5% of the entire population. It doesn’t mean I can’t see red or green, it just means I have trouble distinguishing between them and different shades with those colours present.

When a red dot sits on army camo or snakes across grass and mud, it can vanish altogether sometimes. As you’d imagine, it makes popping skulls kinda difficult.

In a lot of games, a colourblind mode just changes icon colours – so allies aren’t green and enemies aren’t red, for example. This doesn’t solve the scope problem. PUBG’s latest patch adds a comprehensive colourblind mode, however, changing the scope reticle to blue.

It’s a fantastic addition to the Early Access shooter. For the rest of the patch notes, check out our recent story. You could be colourblind and not even know about it. Take this online test to find out.