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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds custom servers may drop battle royale rules


PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has made its name as probably the best battle royale shooter going, but it sounds like the man himself wants it to be more than that.

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We got the chance to speak with Brendan ‘PlayerUnknown’ Greene about the many changes coming to his game. One of the known additions is a vaulting system, which Greene says will “change the gameplay in lots of ways, because there are many ways to get out of the houses now.”

Indeed, we wondered if there was any concern that adding these new escape routes would affect the game negatively?

“That’s completely fair,” Greene says. “We didn’t design it with a vaulting system. In the early days of development, it was just a ‘no’. It’s very hard to make. You either have to design the world with it in mind, or your have to write a fully dynamic system. God bless our content programmer, Marick, beautiful Polish man that he is. He wrote this dynamic vaulting system that is just beautiful. We don’t have to worry about building the world vertically – the character can just vault over stuff and climb stuff.”

It’s all in the name of player freedom, according to Greene, and his ambitions in this regard go way beyond simply letting you vault stuff. It sounds like PUBG’s custom servers will one day be pure sandboxes, without any prescribed rules at all:

“It’s our belief that we’re going to give people a playground with really cool weapons, vehicles, and a really textured terrain. The custom games people are changing battle royale to fit their needs, and we’re hoping soon to get rid of the battle royale mode completely from those custom servers, and just let people have those custom servers with just the world and the weapons. It’ll let them be even more creative. We’re just creating a platform and letting people be creative with that platform. We’re introducing weather in our update as well, and it’s not about forcing playstyles but about giving more variety for the atmosphere you can play in.”

Greene also shared some details on the two new maps that are coming to the game. You can read about those here.