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Get PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds at 60fps on a 1060 with Nvidia’s new drivers

PUBG drivers

New games meaning new Game Ready drivers from Nvidia is nothing new, but for PUBG it’s a little different – legendarily poorly optimised, there were times during Early Access we had problems running it smoothly on our monster rig in the office. With their latest update, Nvidia say you can get 1080p60 on a GTA 1060, and promise the same at 4K with a 1080Ti.

For details on the new PUBG maps – including what’s coming after the desert – we’ve got you covered.

There are some caveats. This is on High settings, with Ultra requiring a bump up in card – so 1080p60 on a 1070, 1440p60 requiring a 1080, and 4K60 needing a custom overclocked 1080Ti. A generation back that’s a 980 for 1080p60 on High, a 980Ti for 1080p60 on Ultra.

On the AMD side, they released new drivers a couple of days ago. Similar performance is expected out of a RX580 for the 1060 and RX Vega 56 for the 1070, but different drivers mean it’s unlikely to be 1:1. General optimisation of the game has improved over time, and the Steam refund system is still fully functioning so you can always give it a shot if you’re unsure.

Nvidia’s post has a full list of what they recommend, and here’s the release notes for 388.71 WHQL.