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A solid gold chicken is on the line in a PUBG tournament featuring Demetrious Johnson


PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (maybe you’ve heard of it) is big. You know what else is big? Gold. More specifically, solid gold chickens. That’s the prize on the line in the upcoming Golden Chicken tournament featuring a variety of streamers including UFC flyweight champ Demetrious Johnson. And, potentially, you.

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Johnson’s presence shouldn’t be that much of a surprise since he is an active streamer, but hey, seeing combat sports man do the nerdy thing is always fun. Also on the ticket are VirtuallyVain, StoneMountain64, Weak3n, and Alexich. And potentially you, if you’re one of the lucky entrants.

This is all being held by Uproar, which is apparently a service that enters you into raffles for free stuff for playing games. Free stuff on the line in this tournament includes the aforementioned golden chicken, which sadly there is not yet photographic evidence of. There’s also a custom built set of Saiyan Battle Vegeta Armor (of course there is), and 10 karat gold “chicken dinner coins,” presumably to purchase chicken dinners with.

I feel like every word written here so far has been the product of a summertime fever, but that may just be the heat talking. The event will be three matches – two squad rounds and one duo – that is set to take place on October 14. Maybe PUBG is becoming an esport sooner rather than later. Real esportsmen only compete for gold, after all.