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PUBG Corp infographic shows that 130 million chicken dinners have been served

PUBG infographic

The rise of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has been so meteoric that player numbers are out of date nearly as soon as we publish them. But now, PUBG Corp have released an infographic to give us the definitive PUBG numbers (for now).

Battle Royale games are only just getting started.

The infographic goes in strong, with news of more than 26 million copies sold as of December 2017, as well as a peak concurrent player count of more than 3.1 million, and more than one million streams.

So far, a total of 130 million chicken dinners have been served, equating to a total calorie count of over 260 billion. Apparently, that’s enough to feed the entire population of Iceland for nearly a year, and the rough equivalent of more than 462 million Big Macs. Sticking with a culinary theme, 13 million players have been killed with a frying pan, roughly one every two seconds.

The most baffling number, in my opinion, is the total play time. People have played PUBG for a total of 2,721,151,629 hours, which is about the same as 310,000 years. To put that into perspective, PUBG Corp helpfully tell us that humanity first appeared on the earth about 315,000 years ago. The infographic also states that the game’s most popular vehicle, the UAZ, has been driven so often that it could have made it to the moon and back more than 6,000 times. The humble Dacia is the second-most popular vehicle, with 4.5 billion rides so far.

You can check out the full infographic here, or in the image above. It’s worth remembering that the game’s success hasn’t come without its difficulties, however – more than one million cheaters were banned from PUBG in January alone. It’s definitely been a nice little earner though, as PUBG made more than $700 million last year.