PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds now lets you spectate your killer (and their killer, too)

pubg killer spectate

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has gotten an array of extra spectating options over the past few months, including proper replay  support and killcams. Now PUBG Corp are going even further with a new option to spectate your killer after death, so you can find out exactly what happens to the rascal who stole your chicken dinner.

Lots of games are following the trend – here are the games that need a battle royale mode.

Killer spectating is part of the build currently in testing, for 1.0 update #9, which should go live in the near future. For solo players, you’ll be able to follow your killer by hitting “watch” on the results screen – but you won’t be able to do that if you first watch the death cam. If your killer dies (or gets disconnected), you can then watch their killer, for the world’s deadliest game of six degrees of separation.

Getting killed by the environment will let you watch the next closest player. Spectating rules are pretty much the same for squads and duos, though naturally you won’t be able to watch until your entire team is dead. No makeshift stream-sniping here.

Still, it’s a more convenient way to follow the action than trying to track down your death in an after-match replay. The experimental test server is also currently running a look at the new map, Codename: Savage, for a very early preview of an even bigger new feature.