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Here's when PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds' third map releases

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is getting a new map sooner than you might expect. A roadmap set to be released in March will include more details about a third in-game map.

Here are the nine PUBG maps we want to see next.

In an announcement today, PUBG Corp revealed that a development roadmap, which community manager Sammie Kang promised in a tweet last week, will be revealed next month. That roadmap will cover the first half of 2018, which will “include a new map,” alongside other “development and new content plans.”

Developments have been delayed over the past few months as PUBG Corp say their “focus shifted towards tightening our anti-cheat effort.” They do, however, say that they “have a lot of exciting things that we want to share with you, including new content to provide more extensive battle royale experiences as well as improvements and modifications to create a deeper and more realistic gameplay.”

The update announced a few balance changes, including turning some Miramar fences into unbreakable walls, and cutting off vision into the plane during the initial ride. PUBG Corp also say that matchmaking will now be divided depending on ping, meaning users with lower pings will be prioritised during matchmaking. The first trials for this, which could prove pretty terminal for those playing in regions other than their own, will begin this week.

Players had to wait a long time for PUBG to get a second map - desert map Miramar joined Erangel with the game’s 1.0 release in December 2017. That means the wait for the third map will likely be significantly shorter - even if it doesn’t launch until June, that’s only a six or seven-month gap. PUBG Corp haven’t revealed anything more about the map, but it’s likely it’ll be Adriatic-themed, potentially adding much more water than Miramar’s desert.

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