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Console development won’t hold PUBG back on PC

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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds on PC won’t be held back by Xbox development. In an interview with Brendan Greene, he told us that despite player concerns, development on the two versions of the game would be kept separate where necessary.

Now that it’s finally out, here are the PUBG patch 1.0 notes.

The Xbox One build of PUBG has struggled with performance issues since its release, and the realities of playing an FPS on console means that balance and meta-game between the two builds differs significantly. That’s prompted some players to worry that Xbox balance changes will make their way to PC, despite the obvious differences between the two platforms.

But Brendan Greene says the two development roadmaps are currently separate, and that he doesn’t think PUBG Corp “have ever discussed” holding back or limiting development on PC so that content will run on the Xbox One.

Greene says “we want to eventually keep the roadmaps together,” but that “right now the two version are on slightly different roadmaps because the development timings are different.” Exactly how that might relate to balance in the future is unclear, but Greene does say “we want to deliver the same experiences on both, we don’t believe in holding one build up above the other.”